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Do you offer mortgages and loans to your tenants?

Park Sidekick software now has the option to purchase an additional new feature which allows you to manage mortgages and other loans made to your tenants!

The basics of the new loan feature are listed below for you.

FeaturesSet up one or more loans for tenants

FeaturesSet up late fee schedules for a loan.

FeaturesCalculate the total interest and principle per payment. 

FeaturesSet your own interest rates, even 0%.

FeaturesChoose terms in days, months, or years.

FeaturesWhen tenants make principle payments to a loan it reduces the number of payments from the end of the loan.

FeaturesView loan charges and payments on current Tenant Statement combined with rent charges and payments.

FeaturesSee loan charges on current Tenant Invoices which can be printed or emailed to your tenants.

Includes new reports to help you manage your loans!

1)  Tenant Loan Statement- shows all details of the loan and all payments made to date with a running balance. This is separate from the current Tenant Statement.

2)  Loans Held- shows you all your held loans with totals due and delinquent.

3)  Loans Collected- choose the date range (such as end of year) and see separate total interest and principle paid for all tenants combined.


$299 to add this feature

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