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Unit and Tenant Features

  • Customize!  Organizational Layout- Customize your community layout so it makes the most sense for your park management. Also, create additional companies, groups, and property owners.

  • Customize!  Unlimited Home Types and Features- Create the lots and homes that apply to your mobile home park, including special features and utility information for each type.

  • Mortgage and Insurance Information- Keep track of payment addresses, account numbers, and contact information for your mortgage and insurance companies.

  • Lease and Moving Dates- Monitor your lease expirations by filling in the begin date and end date for each resident’s lease. When it is time to renew the lease, you will be notified in your software Reminder System or Lease Reports. You can also enter the dates for move-in, notice given, expected move-out, and actual move-out.

  • Resident Information Tabs- Store resident information in the Resident Detail tab, including alternate addresses for emergency, forwarding and billing, as well as employer information, other occupant information, and vehicle information.

  • Customize!  Contact Information- Enter your resident’s contact information in one screen, including address, e-mail addresses, website addresses, and a customizable phone section so you can add as many phone numbers as you need for each resident.

  • Incidents and Notes- Stay organized by typing unlimited incidents or notes in sections for work orders, communities, residents, and more. Each entry includes the date of the note, the user or manager who entered it, and the option to have the note appear in your software Reminder System.

  • Pictures- Store pictures of your residents, as well as keep a visual record of how the property looked before and after they moved in or out.  You can even scan a lease or application and store the image in the resident’s picture folder.

  • Inactive and Prospective Residents- Keep records of all activity involving previous residents as well as the information on residents who have applied to live in your mobile home park.

  • Recurring Charges- Schedule an unlimited number of charges to appear automatically for each resident.  You can set the amount, income account, and frequency for each charge that will appear on a regular basis.

  • Security Deposits- Manage your security deposit for each resident, including the charge of the deposit and each payment as a separate entry. You can also return the deposit to the resident and/or retain part of the deposit for damages directly from Park Sidekick.

  • Payment History- View all of a resident’s past charges and payments with just a few clicks. You can also print a receipt from a past payment.

  • Customize!  Payment Types- Choose from preset payment types such as check, cash, and money order, or create your own.

  • Customize!  Unlimited Late Fee Types- Customize your late fee structure with several options for daily charges, percentages and flat fees, and the income accounts with which your late fee is associated.

  • Available Credits- Apply a resident’s overpayment to another charge of your choice by using the Available Credits section. You can choose to automatically apply the credit to the next upcoming charge or just create the credit to be applied at a later date.

  • Resident Statements- Print statements to show the record of all charges and payments in the resident’s history.

  • Charge Ahead- Look into the future by charging ahead, which allows upcoming charges to be viewed, edited, or paid in the resident’s folder before they are due.

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