Park Sidekick Software specifically for Mobile Home Parks
Park Sidekick Mobile Home Park Software

Park Sidekick Mobile Home Park Software

Park Sidekick software was designed specifically for the management of Mobile Home Parks and
Manufactured Housing Communities.

The program's feature list has been divided into several categories, including the Most Valuable Features, which are listed below. If you're a mobile home park manager or owner searching for a specific function, or to see all of the tools that Park Sidekick has to offer, click on a heading below to see what each section of the program can do for you!

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Most Valuable Features

1)  Reminder System- Know in a moment who hasn't paid rent on time! You can also use the reminder system to see leases and insurance policies due to expire, incomplete work orders, and bills to pay.

2)  Metered Utilities- Using any of the four separate utility tabs, enter the utility unit cost and new meter reading for each lot and with the click of a button, Park Sidekick will automatically calculate each tenant's utility bill, charge it to their account, and remember the new meter reading for the next billing date.

3)  Automatic Billing- Schedule an unlimited number of charges to appear automatically for each resident.  You can set the amount, income account, and frequency for each charge that will appear on a regular basis.

4)  Letters and Leases- Merge specific resident information into a Microsoft Word letter template directly through Park Sidekick. The program comes with some examples of letters and leases which you can use and edit, or you can create your own.

5)  Banking and Accounting Package- Enter income and expenses for all properties, keep a check register for each bank account, print checks directly from the program, create journal entries, enter bills to be paid, and memorize recurring transactions.

6)  Quick Reporting- Easy-to-read reports for all levels of management, including Rent Roll, Vacancy Reports, Late Rent List, Next Period Invoice, Work Order By Priority, Profit and Loss Statements, and much more! Save time and be organized for tax season.

7)  Work Orders- Create work orders for maintenance requests and keep track of who reported the problem, who is assigned to complete the repair, and when it is due to be completed. This feature also includes the ability to track labor and material charges.

8)  Remote Access Capability- Allow other staff members to access the program via a local network connection or an Internet connection from anywhere around the world.

9)  Simple Rent Collection- View a tenant's open charges with two clicks.  Then post one or more payments in just a few seconds.  Print a receipt and you're done!

10)  Complete Resident Information- Keep all contact information, pictures, application data, references, incidents, notes, and lease information in one easy-to-access tenant record.

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