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Frequently Asked Questions about Park Sidekick Remote Access


Can my employees and managers all access Park Sidekick?

There is no limit to the number of people that can access Park Sidekick from any computer in the world. You will need a router at your main location and a high-speed Internet connection on both the server computer and the client computer(s) to make this work. Please see the section called “Accessing Park Sidekick from Remote Locations” in the user’s manual to learn more.  You will be able to set up user login IDs and passwords for each user that will be accessing Park Sidekick. By default, the software program allows access by any one registered user at any given time. To allow more than one user in the program at a time, you will need to purchase additional user licenses. Please note that a client computer connecting to the server via an Internet connection will not be able to access program reports.

What is the cost to use Park Sidekick Remote Access?

Remote Access is a free feature included with Park Sidekick! If you wish to have more than one user accessing the program simultaneously, additional user licenses are $299.00 each. Also, you will need to configure your router to access Park Sidekick using an Internet connection. If you are not able to do this yourself contact Walter Jovel at (516)214-7663 or who will remotely configure your router for a fee.

How many network computers can access a single server?

There is no limit to the number of users that can access your server computer. Keep in mind that the program automatically limits the number of people in the program at one time to a single user. If you need more users to access the program simultaneously, you can purchase additional user licenses.

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