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We have decided after almost 27 years in the software business to discontinue selling, updating and supporting Park, Storage and Property Sidekick.

What this means to you: we will leave the web sites here with the download link for anyone who wants to re-install their software or move to a new computer. If you have a current demo or want to upgrade to the latest windows 10 compatible version please email us and we will allow the purchase for a short time 

For ongoing help with the software we recommend Curtis Dudley. He is an independent consultant who Is very familiar with our software. For a fee he has offered help you solve problems, restore data etc. and pass out activation codes if needed.

  Curtis can  be reached at:

Also, you will need to configure your router to access Park Sidekick using an Internet connection. If you are not able to do this yourself contact Walter Jovel at (516)214-7663 or who will remotely configure your router for a fee.

Free Options:

  • Updates- Get the latest update to your version of Sidekick here! We recommend that you try downloading an update if you are having trouble with something in the program. Updates are always free!

  • Move Your Software to a New Computer- Reinstall on a new computer.  Just download from the download link and then backup your data on the old computer by going to File>Backup and then restore your data on the new computer by going to File>Restore. Then go to Help>Activate and email us your Computer ID so we can give you a new activation code for the new computer. Email to Note: Sidekick Version 5 will not work on Windows 8, if you want to move to a computer with Windows 8 you will need to purchase Sidekick 2013 Here.

  • FAQ Knowledge Base- Hundreds of Frequently Asked Questions are available here. Just about anything you can think of is spelled out in this searchable, user-friendly database.

  • User's Manual- This isn’t your average user’s manual. It’s built right into the program and can also be downloaded from our web site here. We have written the manual information so that this free resource can answer almost all of your questions about how the software program works, or how to accomplish a certain task.

  • Video Demos- Watch it happen! We think it's easier to understand and remember something if you can see it in action. That's why we have video demonstrations that are totally free! From the basic functions of the program to the more complicated features, there's a good chance we've recorded a FREE video that will help you!  Watch Video Demos.


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